Link building is a critical aspect of improving your SEO and ranking high on Google. To gain a deeper understanding of the significance of link-building, it is essential to explore the latest link-building statistics. 

Statistics provide valuable insights into the strategies, trends, and impact of link-building efforts. 

In this article, we have listed 55 data-driven findings and trends to help you make an informed decision to improve your online presence. 

General Link Building Statistics 

1. 79.7% of SEOs believe link building is an important part of SEO strategy. (AuthorityHacker)

2. 73.5% of link builders build less than 10 links per month. (AuthroityHacker)

3. According to SEO experts, backlinks are the 3 most important factors in ranking websites. (Databox

4. 56.2% believe that both the quality and quantity of links have an impact on rankings. (uSERP)

5. 89.2% of link builders say it takes between 1- 6 months to notice the impact of links on rankings. (AuthorityHacker)

6. Just 22% of the content published on the internet will receive more than one backlink. (Thrive my way)

7. Most link builders, 93.8%, prioritize link quality over link quantity. (AuthorityHacker)

8. Experienced Link builders can build 3.57 times more links compared to beginners. ( AuthorityHacker)

9. 85% of SEO professionals believe that link building has a big impact on brand authority and brand building. (uSERP)

Link-building Opportunities And Challenges 

10. 94% of online content doesn’t acquire external links, constituting the vast majority. (Backlinko)

11. Link building is considered the most challenging aspect of SEO by 65% of digital marketers. (SEO Tribunal)

12. 61.7% of SEO professionals report that link building is getting more expensive. (AuthorityHacker)

13. Links are one of the top two factors that Google’s page ranking algorithm takes into account. (Search Engine Land)

14. 94% of SEOs believe Google will continue to use links as a ranking algorithm for the next 5 years. (Aira)

15. As per the study, there is Zero correlation between backlinks and social shares. (Backlinko)

16. 41% of companies believe that link building is the biggest challenge in SEO. (Thrive my way)

17. A mere 1.3% of articles account for 75% of the social shares. (Backlinko)

18. 80% of SEOs believe that links will continue to be a ranking factor in 10 years. (AuthorityHacker)

19. Link-building strategy is outsourced by 60% of the business. (Thrive my way)

Link Building Costs And Pricing Statistics

20. 74.3% of individuals involved in link building pay for link acquisition. (AuthorityHacker)

21. Paid links result in just 2 additional links per month. (AuthorityHacker

22. USD 83 is the average cost for paid links. (AuthorityHacker)

23. 46% of marketers anticipate that the cost of link building will rise in the future. (Aira)

24. 35% of clients spend USD 1,000 or less on their link-building efforts. (SEO Tribunal)

25. USD 77.80 is the average cost of Guest Posting. (Ahrefs)

26. The cost of acquiring Low-authority backlinks will run around USD 150 to USD 300. (Thrive my way)

27. High authority Backlinks on an average range from USD 700 to USD 2000 or more per link. (uSERP)

28. SEO experts invest, on average, 221% higher costs for each link. (AuthorityHacker)

Link Building Tools 

29. SEMrush is the top link-building tool used by 86.1% of marketers. (

30. Nearly 47.33% of SEO professionals intend to utilize AI tools like Chat GPT or GPT-3 in their campaigns. (

31. Ahrefs is used by 55.5% of link builders as one of their SEO tools. (AuthroityHacker)

32. HARO ( Help a reporter out ) is regularly used by 46.3% of Link builders. (AuthorityHacker)

33. 25% of link builders use Google Search Console. (uSERP)

34. For link-building effectiveness, 42.6% of link builders rely on metrics like Domain Rating and Domain Authority. (AuthorityHacker)

35. Schema, a markup testing tool is used by only 72.6% of first pages on Google. (Backlinko)

Link Building Tactics

36. Link building is said to be the most valuable SEO tactic by 13% of search experts. (Ascend

37. The most popular tactic is Guest posting, with 64.9 link builders using this tactic for link building. (AuthorityHacker)

38. 89% of marketers, create content with the primary objective of building links. (Aira)

39. Long-form content, on average, generates 77.2% more links than short articles. ( Backlinko )

40. 69% of marketers believe that purchasing links has a positive impact on search rankings. (Aira)

41. Posts categorized as “Why,” “What,” and infographics garnered 25.8% more links in comparison to videos and “How-to” posts. (Backlinko)

42. Link exchanges are used as one of the tactics by 51.6% of link builders. (AuthorityHacker)

43. A total of 42% of SEOs allocate equal time to building both internal and external links. (Databox)

44. 53% of the link builders use infographics to get more backlinks. (Thrive my way)

45. 6% of website owners, actively engage in digital PR for link-building purposes. (AuthorityHacker)

46. Agencies and In-house SEOs are more than 3 times as likely to do digital PR. ( AuthorityHacker)

47. 54% of SEO professionals consider nofollow links to be beneficial for enhancing their backlink portfolio. (uSERP)

48. 51% of marketers suggest that adding 2 or 3 internal links can boost your SEO. (Thrive my way)

49. An outreach mail gets converted into a link in 8 days on average. (AuthorityHacker)

Social Media And Link Building 

50. 22% extra links are gained for those who use social media for Outreach. (AuthorityHacker)

51. Just 2.2% of content attracts links from various websites. (Backlinko)

52. If customers have a positive social media service experience with a brand, there is a 71% likelihood that they will recommend it to others. (SEO Tribunal)

53. According to 72% of marketers, relevant content creation is considered the most effective SEO strategy. (SEO Tribunal)

54. Widely shared content receives 2-5 times more organic traffic. (AuthorityHacker)

55. 61.7% of link builders incorporate social media channels as part of their outreach strategy. (AuthorityHacker)

Who Builds Links?

Link building is typically undertaken by various individuals or entities within the context of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Successful link-building requires a combination of creativity, outreach, and networking. 

Here are some of the Primary Parties involved in Link Building

  • SEO Professionals 
  • Digital MarketingTteams 
  • Outreach Specialists 
  • Content Creators 
  • Automated Tools and Services 


Is Link Building Still Effective?

Yes, link building is still an effective SEO strategy. SEO strategies continue to evolve, so staying up-to-date with best practices and adapting to algorithm changes is crucial for long-term success in link building.

What is Link-Building Analysis?

Link-building analysis refers to the ongoing process of evaluating and assessing the effectiveness of a website’s link-building strategy. It involves examining various aspects of the links pointing to a website and their impact on search engine rankings and overall SEO performance. 

What is High Quality Link Building?

High-quality link building refers to the practice of acquiring backlinks from reputable, relevant, and authoritative websites naturally and ethically. It is about building a strong online presence through valuable content and genuine relationships within the digital community.


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