The link building methods are a crucial aspect of search engine optimization to increase a website’s authority, visibility, and rankings on search engine results pages

It involves acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own, which signals to search engines like Google that your site is credible, valuable, and worthy of higher ranking. 

When implementing link-building methods and strategies, it’s essential to prioritize quality over quantity and focus on acquiring links from authoritative, relevant websites within your niche.

Syndicating content to reputable websites can help amplify your content’s reach and earn valuable backlinks. 

According to a study by Fractl and Moz, content syndication can lead to a 44% increase in page views on average.

Concept Of Link Building

Link building is building one-way backlinks to a website to improve its search engine visibility. 

When a business uses link-building in its content marketing strategies, there is a 45% higher success rate.

Link building drives the best organic traffic to the website, and it is a top strategy for most major marketing agencies. Google algorithm evaluates links to every webpage and adds value to the matrics.

Growing Traffic With Link-Building

Investing time in the link-building process is crucial for SEO because

t is an act of getting other websites to link to a page. It helps a page rank higher in the search results.

Getting other websites to link to the page helps in getting more referral traffic to the page. It brings new people into contact with the website.

The link-building process should focus on high-quality backlinks to generate organic traffic to the page. 

Different link-building methods used by websites

What Are Link Building Methods? 

The methods used by marketers and SEO professionals to get other websites to link back to their page are called Link-Building Methods. 

For example: If a person is writing a blog on Famous tourist places in Europe, then anyone writing a similar blog post can link their website here for detailed information about anything related. 

Importance of Link-building

Link-building for search engines to determine the ranking of the website. It helps the search engines to indicate which website gets the first-page search result. 

Search engines like Google and Yahoo focus on the quality and quantity of links that lead to the website to decide its rank.

The number of high-quality links and authoritative websites linked to a page gives it more opportunities to rank higher in the search results.

15 Link Building Methods For Marketers

In a survey conducted by more than 700 SEO professionals, it was found that nearly 40% of the respondents spent $1000 on link-building. 

15 Link Building Methods to get high-quality backlinks from other websites are:

1. Strategic Guest Blogging

Posting an irrelevant article to the niche audience and having no authority just to get backlinks is a waste of effort.    

Today’s search engines are smart enough to see if a guest post is written to add value to the content or not. 

A site should strategically and authentically craft the blog post to gain the benefits of guest blogging. It creates unique content for the other relevant sites that attract the niche audience. 

2. Create and Distribute Infographics

Infographics have been used for better link-building for a very long time but they still work today and can play a significant role in link-building strategy.

The best thing about infographics is that they continue to generate organic traffic and earn high-quality links occasionally.

3. Get Active On Social Media

Social media provides benefits to link-building plans and guest blogging efforts. Ignoring social media is a setback for the brand and page. 

Being active on social media means regularly posting photos, videos, posts, and updates to boost brand promotion. 

Social media engagement boosts the reach of the brand to the niche audience and engages the audience in regular updates about the brand.

4. Use Of Resource Links From Trusted Sites

Resource links are like guides compiled for the target audience. A leading site compiled a list of blogs for the niche audience so the visitors can find the information more efficiently.

A resource article than the one above gives more backlinks and expands to 25, 50, or more. 

Establishing a certain level of trust and showing appreciation to other bloggers can make them more inclined to reciprocate this behavior by linking to the webpage.

5. Leverage The Broken Links Strategy

The broken link strategy works best when a marketer doesn’t have time to write creative and engaging content for its viewers. The broken link strategy works in a simple yet unique way.

The marketers find blog pages with dead links and suggest replacing the dead links with links to similar content blog pages. 

6. Growth Of Personal Brand 

The growth of the personal brand is one of the top methods of link-building. The brand evolves through the ideas and thoughts of an individual. 

As the number of people naturally links to the brand, it signifies the growth automatically. The quality of the content reflects the number of links in the last 24 hours after posting a new blog. 

7. Check Competitor’s Backlinks

Checking the competitor’s progress is crucial for promoting the backlinks. If a competitor’s ranking is higher, they must use some better strategies.

Keeping an eye on the growth of competitors helps in a better understanding of strategies and methods they are currently working on.

After analyzing the competitor’s growth and strategies it is time to finally focus on personal growth and strategies to surpass the competitors.

8. Replicate Competitors Best Links

After knowing the roots of competitor’s links, the next step should be to replicate their strategies for personal use. 

Now is the time to look at the best strategy, a competitor uses to increase engagement, whether it is guest posting or social media channels.

It is to understand the best of all the methods used by them and applying to their webpage to build trust and reliability in the readers. 

9. Create Link Building Roundups

People won’t link their pages to a website where they just see internal links that promote other pages of the same site, this is why link roundups are important.

Link roundups are a great link-building strategy and a powerful networking method. The first step of link roundups is to create a list of blog posts from other bloggers.

While preparing the list of blogs, pay attention to the blogs already linked to the website. 

10. Keep Track Of The Backlinks

Keeping track of the backlinks is as important as building new ones. It is to know when to stop building new links or to build more.

The website owner who links their page to a site can easily remove the link without any notification. If left unchecked, the site could have 800 links reduced to 500.

11. Establish Content Pillars

The content is the strongest part of any blog page. If a website delivers content that drives people to be motivated or to learn, then this increases the chance of a website ranking higher. 

Content frequency, or how often the content is published for the niche audience, is another major factor. There should be a balance in posting the content.

12. Reclaim Links Through Social Mentions

Any website can reclaim broken 404 links and name drops, making it a popular topic among SEO experts and the social media world.

A website can access Google Analytics for 404 pages people link to, then point the viewers to other active and relevant pages. 

A website must reclaim the broken links used by other website owners for a higher reach of viewers linked to that page and looking for similar results.

13. Earn Editorial Links

One can’t just get an editorial link easily as it needs to be earned. Editorial Links are earned through quality content.

Blogging with a strategy can help in earning Editorial links. Creating content that makes people move from one point to another. 

It must have tutorials and pillar content to make sure the data is accurate in all the content. 

14. Create surveys

Data from a survey can work for the company, but sometimes it can be completely irrelevant. The content from the survey works because it is unique and raw data.

A website can take questions that tie directly to the brand’s offerings. Using demographics for more targeted results can help increase viewers’ trust.

For example, Journalists cover stories for their niche audience for better engagement. It means to publish data for the targeted viewers.

15. Release Data Studies

Content writers need a compelling story for their blogs, they use internal and external data points to it. 

Generally, brands whose offerings are closely related to the topic of study get the best out of releasing data studies. 

Bloggers and Journalists verify their data from certified experts because the study must reflect brand details.

Link Building Strategies vs Tactics

Strategy is an overall plan for the whole blog idea. The tactic is an actual means used to gain the objective of a plan. 

A piece of advice everyone gives for link-building is that “You only need one link-building strategy: Create something link-worthy.” 

It doesn’t mean to create lengthy blog posts or interactive guides as others would believe which is unnecessary. For Some businesses, their services and products are enough for engaging content. 

Can Someone Buy Links?

Yes, links can be bought and sold, but Google has made it pretty clear that buying links is against their guidelines. The extract from Google guidelines that says:

“Buying links or participating in link schemes to manipulate PageRank is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.”

It is not recommended to buy links as it is risky, and a penalty can be received from Google if caught.

This being said, if someone wanders, how much does a link cost anyway? The answer to this is discovered in a survey where 360 blogs were asked to sell links, according to the survey the average price came out to be $362. 

The price of a blog varied from $30-$50 where some went to thousands. 


In conclusion, link building is a cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO) and is essential to raising a website’s exposure, authority, and search engine rating. 

By acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, you signal to search engines like Google that your site is credible, relevant, and deserving of higher placement in search results.

Each method requires careful planning, execution, and monitoring to ensure effectiveness and adherence to search engine guidelines. 

It’s crucial to prioritize quality over quantity, focusing on acquiring links from relevant, authoritative sources within your niche.


What are link-building techniques?

Creating helpful products, email outreach, public relations, broken link building, and content marketing are some regular link-building techniques.

What is the purpose of link building?

Link building is a process of getting other websites to link back to your website. All marketers and business owners should be interested in building links to drive referral traffic and increase their site’s authority.

What is three-way link building?

In a three-way link exchange, Domain A connects to Domain B, Domain B links to Domain C, and Domain C links back to Domain A in a triangle SEO link-building approach.


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