A Guest post is writing an article or a piece of content on another website to get a backlink. It provides an opportunity for the guest author to gain a new audience while also benefiting the host website by adding valuable content for the readers. 

Guest posting is a common practice in digital marketing and the blogging community is used to expand reach and build authority within a particular industry. 

This article will guide you through the essential insights that you should know about guest posting. 

Who Can Write a Guest Post?

Anyone with valuable insights and expertise can write a guest post for various other websites in the same niche. The key qualifications for writing a guest post are practical advice and new perspectives to add value to the readership of the website. 

Here are some examples of individuals who can write a Guest Post

  • Bloggers
  • Industry Experts 
  • Freelancers 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Researchers 
  • Creatives and Enthusiasts 

Basics of Guest Posting 

The basic guest posting steps are important for effectively increasing brand visibility and your audience reaches within your industry. You can ensure a good quality post by involving these key steps


1. Identify target websites

Research and identify websites within your industry that accept guest posts. Look for websites that have an engaged audience and that align with your target audience.

2. Review Guidelines 

Before reaching out to potential host websites review their guest posting guidelines mentioned on their website. Pay attention to requirements such as content topics, word count, formatting preferences, and submission instructions.

3. Understand the Audience 

Familiarize yourself with the target website’s audience, content style, and tone. Adjust your guest post idea that resemble the website’s readership base.   

Content Creation

1. Generate ideas 

Brainstorm ideas that align with the expertise and interests of both, the host website and the guest author. Consider what valuable insights you can offer that the target audience would be interested in. 

2. Research and outline 

Conduct thorough research on your chosen keyword to gather supporting evidence, statistics, and examples. Create an outline to organize your ideas and structure your guest post.

3. Write compelling content

Craft your guest post with clarity, depth, and relevance. Provide actionable takeaways and solutions to their problems to increase the engagement of readers in the content. 

Editing and Formatting 

1. Proofreading 

Review your guest post for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Ensure that your writing is polished and error-free for quality content. 

2. Formatting 

Format your guest post for readability by using short paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, and numbered lists. Include visuals such as images, infographics, or videos to enhance engagement while reading.


1. Share on Social Media 

To increase the visibility and reach of your guest post share it across your social media channels to increase engagement. Tag the host website and relevant influencers to expand its reach.

2. Engage With Audience 

Read comments on your post and engage with the readers by responding to any questions or feedback. Engaging with the audience increases credibility and trust among readers.

3. Leverage E-mail Newsletter 

If you have an email newsletter, consider featuring your guest post in an upcoming issue to reach your subscribers and encourage them to read and share the content.

Mistakes To Avoid In Guest Post 

Ignoring Guidelines of Host Website

Each website has specific guidelines for guest contributors regarding content format, style preferences, tone, and topic relevance. Ignoring or not paying attention to these guidelines can result in your submission being rejected or published with significant changes. 

Lack of Originality and Value 

Your guest post should offer unique insights, perspectives, or solutions that are not covered in their existing content. Avoid using generic information and craft content that adds value. 

Over Promotion 

Excessive promotion can come across as spammy or reduce the value of your contribution. Focus on providing valuable content rather than overtly promoting your products or services.

Neglecting SEO Principles

While creating valuable content should be your primary focus, it’s also important to optimize your guest post for search engines. Include relevant keywords naturally in your content, use descriptive headings and meta tags, and ensure your article is structured for readability and SEO.

Optimizing Guest Posts For SEO

Optimizing SEO is an important aspect of Guest Posting as it ensures that your guest contributions provide value in increasing the visibility and ranking of your website along with the host website. 

Ensure that your guest post includes a bio with a link back to your website. This will provide another opportunity for readers to visit your site. Optimize on-page SEO elements like meta titles, meta descriptions, and image alt tags to improve your visibility in search engines. 

Be sure to avoid linking to untrustworthy sites as it can decrease your credibility and trust among readers. 

Here are some of the common strategies to effectively optimize SEO

  • Choose relevant website
  • Promote Social sharing 
  • Monitor and analyze the performance 
  • Stay consistent 
  • Focus on quality content 
  • Build relationships 
  • Optimize and Diversify anchor text 

Do Guest Posts Help In Brand Building? 

Yes, Guest posting is highly effective in brand-building. Through your guest post, you can share your mission, vision, and unique selling proposition with a broader audience. It helps to shape the perception of your brand in the minds of customers. 

Overall, guest posting is a powerful brand-building strategy that can help you establish authority, expand your reach, build relationships, drive engagement, improve SEO, and enhance your brand’s image within your industry or niche.

Adding Links To Guest Posts

If the links aren’t relevant then no links should be added. Irrelevant links can decrease the quality of the content. Including relevant links to relevant content helps improve website navigation and encourages readers to explore more content. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind about links

1. Provide External References 

Include authoritative external links to reputable sources or studies to support your points and also provide additional value to the readers.  External references enhance the credibility of the website. 

2. Link To Your Content 

Internal links can be added to your content when appropriate, but avoid excessive self-promotion. Linking to your content would provide readers with additional insights and information. 

3. Avoid Overlinking 

Adding excessive links might appear spammy or detract from the readability and credibility of the content.

4. Check For Broken Links 

Before adding a link ensure that all links are working to avoid adding broken links in your content. Broken links can frustrate readers and reflect poorly on your credibility as an author.

5. Link To Social Profiles 

Including links to your social media profiles and other valuable sites that readers may find interesting and helpful. This may help increase engagement and drive traffic to the website. 

Need For Guest Posting Sites

Guest posting sites serve as an intermediary and facilitate the process of guest posting. These sites provide opportunities for the guest author to share their valuable content with a wider audience. 

Here’s an overview of the need for guest posting sites:

1. Building authority and credibility 

Being featured on a reputable website as a guest author enhances the author’s credibility and authority within the industry. Respected websites and platforms help authors to establish themselves as an expert in their niche. 

2. Expanding reach and audience

Guest posting offers the author the opportunity to reach new audiences beyond their own website or blog. By contributing content to other websites within their niche or industry, authors can tap into existing audiences and gain exposure to potential new followers, subscribers, or customers.

List of Guest Posting Sites 

Several guest posting platforms are available that provide opportunities for posting your content and help expand your audience. You can pitch to these websites as they are renowned for their domain authority and will help you to boost your online presence. 

Guest posting sites provide an opportunity for authors to earn backlinks to their own websites. Backlinks from authoritative websites are valuable for SEO, and these sites act as a mediators to connect Guest bloggers to reputable websites in their industry. 

Some of the famous Guest Posting Sites are

  1. Hubspot
  2. Techopedia
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. ClickUp 
  5. Copyblogger  
  6. Outbrain
  7. Mashable 
  8. LinkedIn  
  9. OpenSource
  10. Linkbuilder.info

Risks Involved In Guest Posting 

While guest posting is beneficial for SEO, there are also a few risks involved. Here are some potential risks 

1. Copyright Issues 

Publishing guest posts without proper attribution and permission can lead to copyright problems. Before publishing always ensure that you have the right to use images or other material included in your content. 

2. Google Penalties

If guest posts are viewed as manipulative or intended solely for link-building purposes, Google may penalize your website for violating its Webmaster Guidelines. This could result in a drop in search engine rankings. 

3. Reputation Damage 

If the host website has a poor reputation or engages in unethical practices, associating your brand with them through a guest post could damage your reputation. Credibility is an important factor in guest blogging. Therefore, ensuring a good reputation is a must. 

4. Lack of Control  

Once the guest post is published you may have limited control over how it is presented or promoted by the host website. This lack of control sometimes can lead to misrepresentations of your brand or content. 

Wrapping Up  

Summarising this article, Guest posting is a powerful strategy and a valuable opportunity for expanding your online presence and building authority within your niche.  

Incorporate guest blogging in your digital marketing strategy for an improved Search engine ranking and growth of your digital platform. 

At OutreachMani, we help you maximize your digital presence and contribute to an improved SEO strategy for website success.  


Is guest posting part of SEO?

Yes, Guest posting is a significant part of search engine optimization (SEO). It is a valuable strategy for improving SEO by building backlinks, increasing website traffic, and establishing authority. 

80% of bloggers believe involving blogging in your marketing strategy derives results.

Is Guest Posting Easy?

Guest posting is a valuable strategy for SEO but it is not necessarily easy. It requires careful research, planning, and execution. Additionally, competition for guest posting can be tough, especially on highly reputable websites. 

What is a Guest Post and Its Benefits?

Guest posts are writing content and publishing it on someone else’s website. Improving SEO, generating website traffic, expanding reach, and establishing authority are some advantages of guest posting.  


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