Today, Blogging has become a powerful medium for enhancing a website’s traffic and SEO. understanding the latest blogging statistics is crucial for navigating this ever-evolving space.

This article delivers you the Blogging Statistics revealing the key insights that can help bloggers to make well-informed decisions in the content-driven area. 

Key Blogging Statistics 

1. 80% of bloggers believe that blogging has strong marketing results. (Orbit Media)

2. Blogs that post daily can have 5 times more traffic compared to those that post less. (Social Media Examiner)

3. Worldwide there are over 600 Million blogs across the internet. (Growth Badger)

4. Business blogs can boost website traffic by 55%. (TechJury)

5. Companies with active blogs get 97% more backlinks. (Bussiness2Community)

6. 59% of links distributed on social media are shared without being read. (Chicago Tribune)

1. Common Blogging Statistics

7. Worldwide there are over 600 Million blogs across the internet. (Growth Badger)  

8. More than 31 Million active bloggers post at least once a month. (Growth Badger

9. Most bloggers, over 50%, fall within the age range of 21 to 35. (Truelist)

10. 77% of internet users engage in reading blog posts. (Truelist)

11. Each month 70 Million blogs are posted on WordPress. (WordPress)

12. Tumblr hosts more than 518 Million blogs. (WebTribunal)

13. 77 Million comments are posted every month on WordPress. (WordPress)

14. Content marketers with a written strategy remain at 40%. (Content Marketing Institute)

15. The average time to read a blog is 96 seconds. (ProBlogger

16. 71% of WordPress blogs are written in the English language. (WordPress)

17. The United States had 31.7 Million Bloggers in 2020. (Semrush)

18. Two-thirds of respondents said that earning income is their primary motivation for engaging in blogging. (Growth Badger)

19. 90% of organizations invest in the creation of custom content for their marketing purposes. (Demand Metric

2. Blogging SEO Statistics

20. A website that includes a blog section has 434% more indexed pages than websites that do not include blogs. (Tech Client)

21. Companies that regularly engage in blogging generate an average of 67% more leads each month. (Semrush)

22. Companies with active blogs get 97% more backlinks. (Bussiness2Community)

23. 70%- 80% of search engine users prefer organic search results over paid search listings. (Martech Zone)

24. 50% of bloggers do Keyword research for their content. (Orbit Media)

25. Updating blogs can boost traffic by 106%. (Semrush)

26. 91% of successful bloggers rely on analytics for their decision-making processes. (Orbit Media)

27. An article with a length of 3000 words or more receives 3.5 times more traffic. (Semrush

3. Social Media Blogging Statistics

28. 90% of bloggers rely on social media to promote their posts. (Truelist)

29. Email subscribers are 3.5 times more probable to share blog posts on social media. (Ryan Robinson)

30. 43% of marketers use social media for marketing which offers the highest ROI. (HubSpot)

31. 59% of links shared on social media are shared without ever being read. (Chicago Tribune)

4. Blog Traffic Statistics

32. Food niche blogs get high traffic with 42.8%. (RankIQ)

33. Business blogs can boost website traffic by 55%. (TechJury)

34. Publishing between 24 to 51 blog posts can result in a 30% increase in blog traffic. (Traffic Generation Cafe)

35. Lifestyle blogs add to 25% of the total new blogs. (TechJury)

36. 50% of Bloggers report that it has gotten difficult to get traffic from Facebook over the past 2 years. (GrowthBadger)

37. In January 2024 alone, there were 21 billion pageviews across all WordPress blogs. (WordPress)

38. The categories with the greatest portion of blogs were as follows: food (42.8%), lifestyle (13.3%), and travel (10%). (RankIQ)

Pie chart of Distribution of blogs in different industries.

5. Blogging Trends Statistics

39. 65% of bloggers use AI in their blogs. (Orbit Media)

40. 3 times the number of bloggers working with an editor increased since 2014. (Orbit Media)

41. 73% of visitors tend to skim through blog posts rather than reading them thoroughly. (HubSpot)

42. 46% of individuals consider recommendations from bloggers when making decisions. (Semrush)

6. Blogging Revenue Statistics

43. 33% of bloggers do not generate any income from blogging. (TechJury)

44. 45% of Bloggers with annual income over USD 50,000 sell their product or service. (Growth Badger)

45. The most profitable niche is the Food niche with USD 9169 as the median salary. (RankIQ)

46. 70% of bloggers earning an annual income exceeding $50,000 report that they actively promote their blogs. (Growth Badger)

47. Between 2023 and 2027, the global content marketing sector is projected to be USD 584.02 billion. (ReportLinker)

48. The monthly salary of a blogger on average is USD 8000. (Semrush)

49. 72% of bloggers earning a minimum of USD 2000 per month utilize either Mediavine or AdThrive for their advertising needs. (RankIQ)

7. Blogging Content Statistics

50. On average it takes 4 hours and 1 minute to write a blog. (Truelist)

51. 17% of bloggers do not include keyword research in their blogging process. (Orbit Media)

52. 40% of content marketers claim that original visuals, such as infographics, deliver the best performance. (Venngage)

53. An ideal blog post typically ranges between 2,100 and 2,400 words in length. (Truelist)

54. Approximately 76% of the bloggers create and publish educational content. (Orbit Media)

55. The majority of bloggers include 1-3 images in their blogs. (Orbit Media)

56. Approximately 24% of the readers say bad quality can harm a Blog’s credibility. (Social Marketing Writing)

57. 38% of bloggers consider one of their most significant challenges to be maintaining a consistent high-quality content. (Semrush)

58. 42% of bloggers are engaged in conducting and publishing original research. (Orbit Media)

59. Blogs that post daily can have 5 times more traffic compared to those that post less. (Social Media Examiner)

8. Benefits of Business Blogging

60. 80% of bloggers believe that blogging drives strong marketing results. (Orbit Media)

61. 71% of B2B marketers report that content marketing has grown significantly from last year. (Content Marketing Institute)

62. 60% of readers purchase a product after reading a blog post about it. (Demand Metric)

63. Businesses that blog receive 55% more website visitors compared to those that do not have a blog. (HubSpot)

64. 87%, of B2B marketers utilize social media platforms for distributing their content. (Demand Metric)

65. 59% of marketers consider blogging to be valuable. (Demand Metric)

9. Guest Blogging

66. 60% of respondents mentioned that they wrote 1-5 guest posts per month. (Referral Rock)

67. 76% of editors intend to publish between 1 to 10 guest posts per week. (Semrush)

68. The cost for publishing a guest on average is approximately USD 78. (Ahrefs)

69. 71% of editors say that a guest post is the most time-consuming review. (Semrush)

70. A mere 3% of respondents indicated that they write over 100 guest posts monthly. (Referral rock)

71. To measure the success of guest posts 93% of bloggers use page views. (Semrush)


In conclusion, Understanding the latest blogging statistics will help you in making data-driven decisions for an enhanced SEO strategy. 

Staying informed about blogging statistics empowers marketers to make decisions, refine their SEO strategies, and achieve greater success in reaching and engaging their target audience. 


What Is the Success Rate Of Blogging?

The research indicates that 27% of bloggers earn income from their blogs within the first 6 months, while 38% earn a full-time income within 2 years of starting their blog. (Productive Blogging)

What Percentage Of Bloggers Make Money?

As per Pro Blogger, two-thirds of bloggers make less than $100 monthly from their blogs, which amounts to less than $3.50 a day. The other one-third of bloggers make nothing. 

Only 4% of bloggers earn USD 10,000 per month and 9% earn over USD 1,000. 

What Is The Market Size Of Blogging?

The analyst has been monitoring the content marketing market, and it is anticipated to grow with an expected increase of $584.02 billion from 2023 to 2027. (Report Linker)


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