Broken Link Building is a part of SEO strategy that includes finding dead or broken links on other websites and suggesting replacements by links to your website. 

Broken Link Building is considered a white-hat SEO technique when conducted ethically and provides value to both parties involved. It requires research, content creation, and personalized outreach to improve rankings on search engines.  

This article will help you understand Broken Link Building to maximize the impact of SEO by acquiring backlinks from credible websites. 

Why do Links Become Broken?

1. When Target Page Gets Deleted or Moved

If the page that the link points to is deleted or moved to a different URL without any redirection, the link becomes broken. The content that was supposed to lead is no longer available on the website. Hence linking is broken. 

2. Incorrectly Formatted URL 

Sometimes by mistake, the URLs are incorrect or incomplete leading to broken links when users try to access them. This could also be due to formatting errors in the URL. 

For example This is the URL you wanted to link to another website. But accidentally you skipped a “ / “ in the  URL http:/

Hence, This would result in a 404 error on your webpage.

3. Change in URL or Website Structure 

Regular updates and redesigns of websites often lead to changes in the URL structure. Fixing the links along the website updates can resolve this issue.

4. Broken Images 

Links to images within web pages can also become broken if the image file is deleted or moved to a different location without updating the link. This results in the image not being displayed properly on the web page.

5. Domain Name Change 

When a website changes its domain name, any link pointing to the old domain becomes broken unless the website redirects it to the new domain. Failure to set up redirects can result in broken links and loss of traffic.

Broken Link Building Benefits

Broken link building is a cost-effective and efficient strategy to strengthen your online presence and help you achieve your marketing goals. Here are some of the benefits 

1. Improved SEO 

By replacing broken links to your content, you can boost your website’s search engine rankings. Google considers backlinks as an SEO factor. Through broken links, you can acquire high-quality backlinks that enhance the visibility and authority of your site. 

2. Enhanced Reputation and Credibility 

Being featured on an authoritative website through broken link building can enhance your reputation and credibility. When other websites link to your content, it indicates to the users and search engines that your website is a valuable resource within your niche.

3. Opportunities for Relationship Building 

Outreaching to website owners or administration to suggest replacing broken links can open up new networking opportunities. Establishing connections with website owners may lead to future collaboration opportunities, such as guest blogging, co-marketing campaigns, or link exchanges.

4. Increased Website Traffic 

When content is linked to other reputable websites, it helps to connect the brand to a wider audience. When the user clicks on the replaced link, they are directed to your website increasing website traffic and engagement.

How Does Broken Link Building Work?

Broken Link Building typically involves 3 steps. Here is the step-by-step process 

1. Find Broken Links Within the Same Industry  

The broken link building process starts with identifying websites within your niche that have broken links. It is easier to find a high number of broken links with the help of Tools and techniques. 

Here are some of the tactics you can follow while finding broken links

Find competitor’s broken pages with links 

Start by researching and finding your competitor’s website using tools like Ahrefs Backlink Checker or Semrush Backlink Analytics tool. 

These tools would filter the page showing a 404 error (broken pages) but still have incoming links from various websites. 

Reach out to these linking websites and suggest replacing the broken link with a link to relevant content on your website.

Check for broken links on resource pages

Finding broken link opportunities among limited sites can be a disadvantage. Google or other search engines can be used to refine search on specific criteria related to web page titles or URLs. 

Google search operators such as intitle:”, “inurl:”, or “site:” along with relevant keywords to find resource web pages related to a specific topic or industry that contain broken links. 

Here are examples of the Google Search Operators 

  • “Keyword” + inurl:resources
  • “Keyword” + intitle:links
  • “Keyword” + “helpful resources”
  • “Keyword” + “useful resources”
  • “Keyword” + “ recommended resources”
  • “Keyword” + “ suggested links”

2. Identify And Create Relevant Content 

Once broken links are identified the next step is to create high quality relevant content. The content should add to the user experience and align with the context of the broken link. 

This helps to improve your site’s internal linking structure, directs traffic to other valuable resources, and improves website SEO performance. 

The steps involved in creating content are

  1. Creating an outline
  2. Draft and format the content 
  3. Match content with broken link 
  4. Optimize for SEO 
  5. Editing and design  

3. Outreach

After creating content, pitch your replacement content to website owners containing dead links. Create a personalized outreach email to notify the website owner about the broken link and suggest replacing it. 

It’s essential to focus on providing value to the website owner in your outreach. Explain how your content is relevant and beneficial to the targeted audience. 

Here’s a template for Broken Link building outreach Email 

Subject: Collaboration Opportunity: [Website Name]

Hi [Recipient’s Name]

During my visit to your website, I noticed broken links on your website, particularly on the [specific page or section].

I’ve recently published a piece of content titled “[Title of Your Content]” that I believe would be a great replacement for the broken links. 

I’m also open to discussing any other collaboration opportunities that align with your website’s goals and audience.

Here’s the link to my content: [URL of Your Content]

Thank you for considering my offer Best regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Position/Title]
[Your Contact Information]

If the website owner agrees to replace the broken link with the suggested one, it results in the addition of a new backlink for your website.  

4. Monitor and Maintain 

Regularly monitor the backlinks acquired through broken link building to ensure they remain active over time. Check for broken links on your website and fix them to maintain a positive user experience and preserve the value of your backlink profile. 

How To Find Relevant Broken Links

Finding broken links in your field or industry is the first step in Link Building. A few methods and tools are present for finding broken links, which are listed below  

1. Manual Checks

You can manually inspect your website’s link by navigating each page and checking for broken links. Look for hyperlinks that result in error messages or pages that no longer exist.

2. Google Search Console 

Google offers website owners a free web service called Google Search Console, enabling website owners to analyze and maintain their website’s presence in Google Search results. It can also help identify and manage broken links on your website. 

3. Online Tools 

Various online tools specifically designed for finding broken links on websites are present. These tools allow you to input your website URL and t generate a report detailing all broken links.

Here are some of the tools

4. Use Brower Extensions 

There are several browser extensions available that can help identify broken links on web pages. Extensions like Check My Links for Google Chrome automatically scan a webpage and highlight any broken links.

Challenges In Broken Link Building

Broken link building remains an effective and valuable strategy though it comes with its own challenges. Here are some of the common challenges

1. Low Response Rate 

Outreach emails sent to the website owners or administrators may not always lead to a high response rate. Many reputed websites receive numerous outreach emails every day, and your email might get lost in the crowd. It can be challenging to capture their attention. 

2. Content Creation 

Creating high-quality content that is suitable as a replacement for broken links and also aligns with the website’s audience requires time, effort, and expertise. It is essential to produce content that adds value to the user experience. 

3. Competitive Landscape 

In some niches, broken link building can be highly competitive with many website owners trying to acquire the same backlink opportunities. Standing out from competitors and convincing website owners to choose your content over others can be challenging. 

Strategies To Overcome Challenges

1. Refine Targeting 

Invest time in refining your targeting criteria to focus on a website and content that aligns closely with your industry. Use advanced search operators, and competitor analysis to identify relevant broken link building opportunities more efficiently. 

2. Improve Outreach Strategies 

Investing time in creating personalized outreach emails that are compelling and align with the needs and interests of the recipient would help increase the response rate of emails. 

Highlight the value of your content, explain how it addresses the broken link, and offer to assist in fixing it.

3. Streamline Content Creation

Develop a content creation strategy and process that balances quality and efficiency. Additionally, consider repurposing existing content and collaborating with subject matter experts.

4. Stay Persistent and Patient

Broken link building is a long-term strategy that requires patience and persistence. Continuously refining your approach, learning from setbacks, and being adaptive to the changes help to achieve sustained success over time. 

5. Outsource Broken Link Building

Outsourcing from a reputable agency or freelancer can offer several benefits like expertise, scalability, and easy network access. It also helps to save time by transferring time-consuming tasks of outreach, and content creation to external experts. 

We at OutreachMani, help with broken link building to enhance a website’s SEO with high-quality content as a marketing strategy. 


In conclusion, Broken link building is a valuable opportunity for website owners and marketers to acquire backlinks, improve SEO, and enhance overall website authority. 

By incorporating broken link building into their digital marketing strategy, website owners create new opportunities for growth, visibility, and online success. 

Through outreach and the provision of valuable content, marketers can leverage broken links to strengthen their online presence and expand their reach across the web. 


What is The Broken Link Building Method?

Broken Link Building is the process of actively finding broken or dead links on other websites and replacing them with a link to your website. It is an SEO tactic to take advantage of broken web pages. 

How Do You Identify Broken Links?

When you click on a link it leads you to a “404 page not found error”, this indicates a broken link on a website. 

400 error occurs when the server cannot process the request. It often indicates a mistake made by the user in the URL. 

What are Broken Backlinks? 

Hyperlinks that no longer function because the linked webpage is deleted, moved, or renamed are known as Broken Backlinks.

When users or search engines follow these broken backlinks, they encounter dead ends, negatively impacting the user experience and potentially harming SEO performance.


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